“NOW I AM BOLD” A photographic celebration of the work of Banana Link

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To mark twenty one years of achievement in making a real difference to the lives of the plantation workers and small-scale farmers that produce the tropical fruit we eat, Banana Link has a photographic exhibition running for the month of September at The Norwich Playhouse
The exhibition is in the upper and lower corridors of The Norwich Playhouse, leading to the auditorium, and free to access at any time during the day. 
The Norwich Playhouse
42-58 St George's Street

A proud record of achievement 

Most of the bananas and pineapple we eat are grown on large scale plantations in Latin America and Africa, where workers often toil long hours, earning poverty wages, while exposed to toxic agrochemicals, and often denied their labour and human rights. Meanwhile, the buying power of the supermarkets has pushed prices down to unsustainably low levels, worsening plantation conditions and forcing many small producers out of business.
Established in 1996, Banana Link is a small dynamic not-for-profit organisation which works towards the provision of Decent Work and secure livelihoods in tropical fruit export production, while being environmentally sustainable and friendly. A world where all workers and small farmers can have a voice in decisions that affect them.
We are proud of our achievements in partnership with small farmer organisations and plantation trade unions, which include empowering tens of thousands of plantation workers to secure better wages and improved working conditions, the growth of Fairtrade labelled bananas in Europe, and driving the creation of the World Banana Forum, which brings together producers, retailers, governments, trade unions and farmer cooperatives to work towards sustainability in the industry.