20 Years of Banana Link

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Banana Link is 20 years old. Over two decades we have made a significant contribution to making tropical fruit export production more ethical and sustainable. To mark the occasion we are celebrating 20 achievements:

4/20 - Building links between unions North and South

Our Union-to-Union programme builds links between the trade unions in Latin America that organise plantation workers directly with the British and French unions organising workers at the other end of tropical fruit value chains. 
Support for this programme has come from, among others, TUC Aid, Unison International Fund, GMB International Solidairity Fund, and donations from hundreds of individual trade union branches around the UK. 

3/20 - Bringing together the World Banana Forum

Banana Link, and our partners in the global South, drove the creation of the World Banana Forum in 2009, a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together producers, their organizations, trade unions, cooperatives, exporter groups, fresh producing companies, retailers, traders, consumer associations, governments, research institutions, universities and civil society organizations. Its mission being to inspire collaboration - from plantation to supermarket shelf – to enable a transition towards sustainability and achieve consensus on best practices in workplace issues, gender equity, environmental impact, sustainable production and economic issues.

2/20 - Strong union organisation of banana workers

Trade union organisation of banana workers is strong compared to other agricultural sectors, despite operating in some of the most dangerous countries for trade union activists. This includes violence against trade unionists in Colombia and Guatemala and systematic attacks against the freedom to join an independent union in Costa Rica and Peru.
Watch: Noé Ramirez Portela, General Secretary of the Izabal Banana Workers’ Union of Guatemala (SITRABI) speaking in 2015 about the challenges and dangers of organising in the "most dangerous country in Latin America for trade unionists" -

1/20 Widespread awareness of social and environmental impacts of Banana production 

Banana Link’s campaigning and education programmes have contributed to widespread awareness of the social and environmental impacts of banana production, including poverty wages, poor and hazardous working conditions, and irreparable damage to the environment. 
Watch: Bananas Unpeeled