Banana Link's Mission

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Banana Link campaigns for fair and equitable production and trade in bananas and pineapples based on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Our vision is a world where:

  • Every worker in the chain receives a living wage and is able to exercise all her/his individual and collective rights in the workplace.
  • All economic stakeholders along the chain pay a decent wage and respect all relevant international labour standards.
  • Small-scale and family farmers make a decent living from selling to international banana and pineapple markets.
  • Consumers can buy good quality bananas and pineapples and understand the need for pricing that will guarantee decent livelihoods for producers and workers.
  • The negative impacts of banana and pineapple production on the natural environment are understood and addressed.
  • All players along the chain engage in constructive dialogue

Our values

  • Impartiality and rigour in the collection and analysis of information and evidence.
  • Openness and inclusivity towards all players in the chain who seek equitable and sustainable solutions.
  • Independence from governmental and business interests.
  • Highest standards of ethical conduct: integrity, transparency and accountability.
  • Mutual respect and solidarity among our partners and supporters.

Our strategic objectives 

Our Theory of Change is a visual framework which shows what we do, in terms of the activities we undertake, and how they help us to bring about change and meet our strategic objectives.

Download a copy of our Annual Review 2016-2017

Photo: Children living next door to banana plantation, Dom. Republic