Comparative analysis of work towards gender equity in supply chains

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This project is a comparative analysis of initiatives to achieve progress towards gender equity in agricultural value chains, primarily bananas, flowers and tea, co-ordinated by Banana Link and Women Working Worldwide. Our aim is that these examples of good practice can inform further work to ensure the respect of the rights of women workers and producers. 

Key drivers of change

Our learning from the case studies identified three key drivers of progress towards gender equity; education, an enabling environment and representation. It was considered that all three were required in successful work to achieve gender equity. The infographic below enables you to view the individual elements of these key drivers.

The case studies

Click on a panel below to read a number of case studies. Some of these are complemented by in-depth studies or films featured below.

In-depth case studies

The documents and films below provide greater detail and/or analysis. A number of these were informed by field visits and interviews locally with workers.