FESTAGRO - Honduras

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Our partner union FESTAGRO has been able to convene a regional workshop on ratification of ILO Convention 184 on Safety and Heath in Agriculture, produce awareness raising materials, and develop further advocacy activity. Our partners in both Latin America and Africa are prioritising ratification of this important Convention. Ghana is the only banana exporting country to have done so to date

Honduras: trade union leader training on ILO Convention 184

On 22nd May, the Honduran Agroindustrial workers' Federation (Festagro) convened representatives of trade unions SUTRASFCO, SITRABARIMASA, SITIAMASH, STAS and SITRATERCO and of NGOs CODEMUH (women's rights) and EMIH (environmental monitoring) to a workshop at Festagro's headquarters in Lima. The objective was to present the content of the Convention and its Protocol of application to leaders with a view to seek support from their membership to campaign for the Honduran government to ratify the Convention. Gloria Garcia made a presentation focusing on the key elements and how unions could use the provisions of the Convention to improve occupational health & safety provision in agroindustrial workplaces (eg to promote workplace risk-mapping with employers, strengthen the role of joint OHS committees etc). Participants agreed that it is important that the Government be convinced of the need to ratify as this would give their members a stronger basis on which to press for compliance with national legislation and to deal with violations by employers. It was agreed to:  produce a leaflet highlighting the most important provisions to be distributed amongst the membership of the unions present;  use Festagro's own radio programmes to disseminate information on the Convention;  write to the leasership of the Honduran trade union confederation (CUTH) to request support in putting the ratification on the agenda of a joint meeting with the Labour Minister;  seek a meeting with national employers' organisation COHEP in order to seek their support for ratification by the government.

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