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Freedom and Fairness for Fyffes workers - Iris Munguia of COLSIBA

Iris Munguia, Coordinator, COLSIBA (the Regional Coordination of Latin American Banana & Agro-Industrial Workers’ Unions) talks to Banana Link about the importance of international support to the mainly women workers facing labour rights violations at subsidiaries of Fyffes in Honduras.

Asegura tus derechos

Entre 2013 y 2016, Banana Link ha posibilitado un proyecto para educar a los trabajadores acerca de sus derechos, y motivar a los representantes sindicales para asegurar condiciones laborales decentes en plantaciones de banana y piña tanto en Ghana como en Camerún.
Sus socios en el proyecto fueron FAWU, el Sindicato de Trabajadores Agricultores Fako; Camerún; GAWU, el Sindicato Agrícola General de Ghana; TUC y la UITA, la Unión Internacional de Trabajadores de la Alimentación, Agrícolas, Hoteles, Restaurantes, Tabaco y Afines.

Empowering workers and unions in Africa

Between 2013 and 2016, Banana Link worked with General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana (GAWU), the Fako Agricultural Workers Union (FAWU) in Cameroon and the the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF) to educate workers about their rights and to empower union representatives to secure decent working conditions on banana and pineapple plantations in Cameroon and Ghana. 

Stop supermarkets dumping waste produce on farmers

Farmers growing food for Europe in places like Kenya and Guatemala are regularly forced to waste up to 50% of their produce as a result of unnecessarily strict cosmetic specifications dictated by Supermarkets. On top of this, last minute order cancellations cause farmers to waste entire crops where there is no secondary market for their produce.
Feedback have launched a campaign against food waste directed at Europe's major retailers, called: STOP DUMPING


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