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Guatemala - trade unions in the firing line

Guatemala - trade unions in the firing line : Noé Ramirez Portela, General Secretary, SITRABI

Noé Ramirez Portela, General Secretary of the Izabal Banana Workers’ Union of Guatemala (SITRABI) spoke at the recent Latin America 2015 Conference in London about the challenges and dangers of organising in the "most dangerous country in Latin America for trade unionists".

Stop supermarkets dumping waste produce on farmers

.@Feedbackorg - Supermarkets #STOPDUMPING your food waste on farmers

Farmers growing food for Europe in places like Kenya and Guatemala are regularly forced to waste up to 50% of their produce as a result of unnecessarily strict cosmetic specifications dictated by Supermarkets. On top of this, last minute order cancellations cause farmers to waste entire crops where there is no secondary market for their produce.
Feedback have launched a campaign against food waste directed at Europe's major retailers, called: STOP DUMPING

Bloody Labour

Bloody Labour

In this interview, Noè Ramírez of banana workers’ union SITRABI speaks about the violation of labour rights in Guatemala and the murder of trade union activists. Noè’s brother, Marco Tulio Ramírez, also a SITRABI union leader, was murdered in October 2007. He describes efforts to improve workers’ rights and condition at plantations on the south coast of Guatemala, where they are hoping to replicate SITRABI’s successes in Izabal.

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