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Environmental impacts of pineapple production in Costa Rica

Environmental Activism

These two interviews were filmed in the rural community of Milano in Costa Rica in 2011. Xinia Briceño (Environmental Activism) describes a ten-year struggle to prevent pineapple production expanding over community land and contaminating the water supply with agrochemicals used in the production process at a local pineapple plantation; and Eliseth Urbina (Poor Water) speaks about the effects on her and her family of drinking contaminated water.

Justice for Women - an interview with Latin American trade union leader Iris Munguia

Justice for Women

In this interview, trade union activist Iris Munguia describes how lack of respect for workers' labour rights is widespread in Latin America, especially where there are no unions. Abuses include long working hours, low wages, discrimination and sexual harassment.

After working in the packing depot of one of Chiquita's banana plantations in Honduras for 23 years, Iris Munguia became a trade union leader and a defender of women's rights.


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