Gender Equity meeting 2017

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The World Banana Forum's (WBF) Multi-stakeholder strategy meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry​ which took place in Geneva Switzerland on 7 November 2017, at which Banana Link coordinated the participation of delegates from trade unions and small producer organisations from the Global South. 
Nearly 100 people gathered to share expertise about and develop proposals for future work to achieve gender equity in the industy. The breadth of participation and depth of discussion reflect the significant range of work currently being undertaken by the WBF Task Force on Gender Equity, from developing terms of reference for OHSE risk assessment for pregnant women and nursing mothers to identifying the causal factors that create the gender pay gap. Working groups discussed five thematic areas; women’s empowerment, women’s employment, the gender pay gap, Occupational Health and Safety and sexual harassment and Gender Based Violence. 
The meeting formulated a set of Proposals for joint action plan on gender equality 2017 -19 which were presented to the World Banana Forum conference the following morning. 
Materials from the Gender equity meeting are available below. 

AGENDA WBF Gender Equity 
Conference 2017

Participants and Observers
Participantes y observadores
Participants et observateurs

Proposal for thematic working

(Banana Link)
de la banana 
(Banana Link)
bananière mondiale
(Banana Link)
Living wages and the
gender pay gap
Salarios dignos y la 
diferencia salarial de género
Des salaires décents et l'écart de
de rémunération entre les sexes
Sexual harassment and
gender based violence
Acoso sexual y
violencia de género
Harcèlement sexuel
et violence sexiste
Health and safety
for women
Salud y seguridad
para las mujeres
Santé et sécurité
pour les femmes
Employment opportunities
for women
Oportunidades de
empleo para mujeres
Des opportunités
d'emploi pour les femmes

WBF - Women's employment
in the banana industry


FMB - Empleo de las mujeres 
en la industria bananera

FMB - Emploi des femmes
dans le secteur de la banane

Fairtrade Gender Strategy

Women workers in the banana
agro-industry in Panama -
Chiquita/IUF/Colsiba project
Tema de la mujer trabajadoras de 
panamá en la agro industria de 
banano -
Chiquita/UITA/Colsiba proyecto
Les travailleuses panaméennes
dans l’agro-industrie de la banane -
Chiquita/UITA/Colsiba project

Gender Segregation in the Tropical
Fruit Supply Chain: A Female
Perspective (Stella Davis MSc)
de las mujeres
des femmes



COLSIBA – A collective bargaining
strategy based on our own
COLSIBA – Estrategia sobre 
negociacion colectiva elaborada
desde nuestras experiencias vividas