Gender Equity meeting 2017

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Banana Link coordinated the participation of delegates from trade unions and small producer organisations from the Global South in in the World Banana Forum's Multi-stakeholder strategy meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry​ which took place in Geneva Switzerland on 7 November 2017.
Materials from this conference are available below. 

AGENDA WBF Gender Equity 
Conference 2017

Participants and Observers
Participantes y observadores
Participants et observateurs

Proposal for thematic working

(Banana Link)
de la banana 
(Banana Link)
bananière mondiale
(Banana Link)
Living wages and the
gender pay gap
Salarios dignos y la 
diferencia salarial de género
Des salaires décents et l'écart de
de rémunération entre les sexes
Sexual harassment and
gender based violence
Acoso sexual y
violencia de género
Harcèlement sexuel
et violence sexiste
Health and safety
for women
Salud y seguridad
para las mujeres
Santé et sécurité
pour les femmes
Employment opportunities
for women
Oportunidades de
empleo para mujeres
Des opportunités
d'emploi pour les femmes

WBF - Women's employment
in the banana industry


FMB - Empleo de las mujeres 
en la industria bananera

FMB - Emploi des femmes
dans le secteur de la banane

Fairtrade Gender Strategy

Women workers in the banana
agro-industry in Panama -
Chiquita/IUF/Colsiba project
Tema de la mujer trabajadoras de 
panamá en la agro industria de 
banano -
Chiquita/UITA/Colsiba proyecto
Les travailleuses panaméennes
dans l’agro-industrie de la banane -
Chiquita/UITA/Colsiba project

Gender Segregation in the Tropical
Fruit Supply Chain: A Female
Perspective (Stella Davis MSc)
de las mujeres
des femmes



COLSIBA – A collective bargaining
strategy based on our own
COLSIBA – Estrategia sobre 
negociacion colectiva elaborada
desde nuestras experiencias vividas