Lidl switch to sustainable bananas. Will it make a difference?

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Discount suppermarket Lidl has announced that it is to stock only bananas certified by the NGO Rainforest Alliance, joining Asda that already does so, and Tesco, which could follow suit soon. In addition, the Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose already stock only Fairtrade or organic bananas. However, although the UK may be the biggest market in the world for Fairtrade, organic and other certified bananas, it still has one of the lowest retail prices in the northern hemisphere. Meaning that producers are struggling to invest in working conditions and wages. Quoted in the Guardian, Banana Link International Co-ordinator, Alistair Smith said “Selling loose Fairtrade bananas at a loss in order to keep an unsustainably low price is sending the wrong message to consumers about the real value of fair bananas. The smallholder growers in particular have little or no room to invest in the improvements in wages conditions and environmental practices that are needed to ensure sustainable production and trade in the longer term” Read the full article here Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian