Make Fruit Fair

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Making Fruit Fair in Europe

The Make Fruit Fair II campaign was launched in March 2015 in Berlin. The campaign aims to mobilise millions of European citizens to take action for fair conditions and wages for farmers and producers of tropical fruit.

Building on the experience of the previous Make Fruit Fair campaign, 14 NGOs across Europe will be working to improve conditions for the workers and farmers that grow and pack our tropical fruit. Southern partners include trade unions: FAWU (Cameroon) and SINTRAINAGRO (Colombia), as well as small farmer organisations, UROCAL (Ecuador) and WINFA (Windward Islands).

Over the next three years, Make Fruit Fair aims to achieve decent work conditions, fairer trade relations, and more sustainable consumption in Europe. The campaign will continue to lobby the European Commission to stop retailers abusing their buying power.

Read 'Who's Got the Power? Tackling Imbalances in Agricultural Supply Chains', which highlights how our supply chains are governed in relation to abusive Unfair Trading Practices (UTP).

Watch a video interview from WINFA, Windward Islands, about how consumers can improve the conditions of production of tropical fruits. [Oxfam Germany]

Watch Make Fruit Fair: The Movie!!

And WATCH OUT for a brand new Make Fruit Fair website and lots more opportunities to take action!