Networks we belong to

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We are committed to working wherever possible as members of networks and alliances believing that this increases the effectiveness of our work and that of our Southern partners. We are always keen to share our experience and learning to contribute to the work of broader initiatives and the success of other campaigns.

Campaign networks

We are founder members of the Tescopoly Alliance - a group of British based civil society organisations campaigning for stricter control of supermarket buyer power.

We also belong to:

the UK Food Group

the Trade Justice Movement

and are Charity Stakeholders in the Fairtrade Foundation.

European networks

At a European level, Banana Link holds the Secretariat for the European Banana & Agro Industrial Product Action Network - EUROBAN.

EUROBAN brings together organisations that work collaboratively to ensure socially just, economically viable and environmentally sound tropical fruit industries.

Download EUROBAN's Mission Statement


World Banana Forum

Banana Link is one of a group of CSOs that helped to create the World Banana Forum, a multistakeholder initiative dreamt of since our establishment in 1996! To read more about the historical process that lead to the formation WBF, go to the IBCII website.

Ethical Trading Initiative

Banana Link belongs to the Ethical Trading Initiative, an alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations aiming to improve the working lives of poor and vulnerable people across the globe who make or grow consumer goods.



Visit our funders page to learn more about our other key partners - the organsiations that generously provide funding to support our work.

Photo: Euroban 2011