Plastic-free first for Iceland bananas

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Iceland is claiming a UK supermarket first by introducing plastic-free packaging for its pre-packed bananas.
The frozen food specialist's bananas will now be packaged in a paper band which is 100% recyclable and made from recycled paper, in a switch it says will save 10 million plastic bags a year.
The fruit will be the first product in any major UK supermarket to bear the Plastic Free Trust Mark, launched by A Plastic Planet earlier this year. The mark is designed to inform and empower consumers to make plastic-free choices.
The new packaging has launched in three Iceland stores as an initial trial and will roll out to a further 120 stores later this week, before a national rollout by the end of the year. 
The move continues Iceland's plastic-reduction pledge, which it laid out in January, and so far the retailer has removed 850 tonnes of plastic per year from its own-label packaging, primarily through the replacement of black plastic with paper-based trays for frozen meals.
Managing director Richard Walker said: “Since making our commitment to remove plastic from our own-label packaging, we have been working hard behind the scenes to find plastic-free alternatives. People have become so used to buying their products wrapped in plastic, or indeed using plastic bags for loose produce, and this has to stop if we are to turn down the tap on plastics. We’re creating impetus for that change in consumer habits through the use of innovative solutions.
This move alone will have a significant impact on our plastics consumption and is one of the first of many solutions that are in development. Our customers support our move to reduce single use plastic and we are pleased to share this important milestone, with many more to come.
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