Progress towards gender equity in the banana industry: summaries of case studies

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In December 2015, women representatives from civil society organisations in the four major banana exporting regions of the world, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America, met to develop a strategy towards gender equity in the industry. The meeting was organised in Bonn by the Gender Equity Task Force of the World Banana Forum (WBF). The Forum has within its mission a commitment to ‘achieve consensus on best practices regarding gender equity’.
At the Bonn meeting, participants shared the practical progress that their organisations had made to improve the experiences of women engaged in banana export production. BanaFair began with reflections on the Global Women’s meeting that they organised in 2000. This was the first international exchange of gender specific problems in banana production and developed the international cooperation on these issues that we continue to build upon.
Published in November 2017, this publication summarises these presentations and provides updates about progress since 2015.