Promoting training and job placement of young people in banana production in Colombia

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The national president of Sintrainagro, Guillermo Rivera, recently delivered the certificates to young people who participated in the project "It's my turn" that promotes training and job placement of young people in banana production as well as the replenishment of union activists.
The event was attended, in addition to the leaders of the different sections, members of the National Board of Directors, the mayor of Apartadó, Eliécer Arteaga, and the director of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia (CUT), Diógenes Orjuela.
"On behalf of the National Board of Directors and all its leadership we want to congratulate you, for having decided to train to be part of this society with responsibility, with commitment, avoiding the violence that plagues many of our young people," Guillermo began.
The project "It's my turn" is the result of cooperation between international organizations, the City Hall of Apartadó, the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA), and the business association AUGURA, among others.
"I had to start working as a child in the banana plantations, at 14 years of age, I could not go to school and I did not have the opportunity that this project gives you now, because it was a different social situation, a very difficult situation that we had to live through in this region of Colombia, "recalled Guillermo.
The leader said that having started working so young gave him the opportunity to be part of the foundation of the banana workers' union (Sintrainagro), which has been fundamental in defending the rights of workers in various regions of Colombia.
"Now it is up to you the great task and the great responsibility to help society. Today they have started this fight with a responsible trade union organization, which has worked for more than 45 years for the defense of workers' rights. Feel proud and help bring more young people who today are lost, without a future," he said.
In December the president of Sintrainagro was invited to assess the work of the young people in the banana plantations.
"I felt very proud," he said, "when the colleague of José Bello, Secretary of Education of Sintrainagro, invited me to learn about the work of young people in the banana plantations."
"I asked many people how it feels to work on a farm and they told me: 'Working on a farm is good, today I feel happy because I work and every 15 days they pay me, and in December I receive a bonus'.
And also: 'It's good to be part of a great project that includes guarantees and fundamental rights for workers and their families, "he said.
"You are the leaders of tomorrow, men and women capable of continuing the struggle we have waged for many years. I want to congratulate you and welcome you to this house and this organization, Sintrainagro, of which you are already a part, "he concluded.
Reproduced from: REL-UITA