Key Drivers of Progress Towards Gender Equity
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Enabling Environment
Women knowing their rights to secure and negotiate for them.
Building women in leadership: through education and mentors/role models.
Significant impact of worker education in life skills and leadership in it’s broadest sense.
Understanding that change takes time and must involve men and women. However it is imperative as companies lead change that workers understand what attitudes and behaviours are acceptable.
Enabling Environment
Legislation as a key driver for workplace change.
A strategic approach embedded at all levels of the company.
Monitoring (using baselines) and evaluation to understand the change that is being achieved.
Increasing and expanding the role of women in agriculture to end the segregation of tasks.
Women’s access to land and income generating resources.
Making the business case for gender equity.
Practical adaptation of workstations and equipment.
Sharing learning in multistakeholder fora is critical.
Activity at household and community level to support change in the workplace.
Acknowledgment and provision for the multi caregiving roles women fulfil, including childcare and access to breastfeeding.
Women’s voices being heard and responded to.
The role of unions and women’s involvement in unions.
Grievance mechanisms which are trusted by workers and show results.