Trade union action

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Go to the Become a Trade Union Supporter page to find out about how you can support Banana Link by making a regular donation. 

Go to the Get Involved section to find out how you can support Banana Link's mission. 

Other ways Trade Unions can take action:

Submit a motion to your union conference

Download a model motion to submit to your next union conference, asking your union to support the respect of labour standards along international banana and pineapple supply chains.

Invite a Banana Link speaker to your union education event

Banana Link can provide a speaker or workshop facilitator for trade union events throughout the year. We also have speakers over from our international trade union partners at least once a year. Contact our Solidarity Officer to find out more.

Contact us to share ideas on developing a trade union education event

Banana Link can assist in developing workshops or other educational activities on a variety of issues including international workers rights and trade union freedom, the rights of women and young workers, the role of international solidarity, Fairtrade and labour standards, health and safety, the environment... please contact us if you would like to share ideas and work toegether to develop a specific trade union education event.


Banana Link provides a range of education services from facilitating workshops to hosting speakers from our union partners. Click here to find out more and order our trade union education and resource packs.

Photo: Ghana, 2015