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The Banana Link education materials aim to introduce the challenges faced by workers in South - including poverty wages and a lack of trade union freedom - using examples from the banana and pineapple industries. The focus is on empowering trade union members to understand the significant difference that international solidarity can - and does - make. These materials were produced with a grant from DFID’s Development Awareness Fund and are currently in the process of being updated. They are available to download for free.

Click the links below for educational packs for each session. 

Union representatives’ stand-alone session
Union Representatives, two-part session
Health and Safety representatives

The activity sheets have been created for use in the following union education courses:

  • Union representatives Stage 1 or 2
  • Health and Safety representatives Stages 1 or 2
  • Other TUC or independent trade union education courses    

Banana Link can provide training for trade union tutors and facilitators if needed, or you can request a Banana Link facilitator to run a session for you. We are also happy to devise workshops for other courses or events.       


It is recommended that you provide participants with resources to support each session. A list of recommended resources is provided on the web page for each session. You can also find a range of other resources on the resources section of the website.

Download a sign-up sheet for use at events and meetings.


Photo: Union rep training session in Ghana, 2015